A stairlift can be the ideal answer if your mobility is causing issues whilst tackling stairs in your own home. Indeed a stairlift is just one of a few items that when purchased can keep you in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your home for as long as possible. A straight stairlift can be fitted to most standard staircases and will enable you to still gain access to the first floor of your home, be the issue a mobility one or even just a conservation of energy issue – as negotiating stairs several times a day could just be the thing that is draining you of energy. Whilst a straight stairlift can’t negotiate corners, it is an economic solution and doesn’t cut back on the cutting edge design and comfort found on a more expensive model. Our straight stairlifts sport padded seating for your comfort, easy to use controls and handy swivel seating which ensures a safe transfer on and off your straight stairlift. We pride ourselves on quality control and you can be assured that the stairlift we deliver to you is fully factory tested and to the highest quality and will be a reliable partner in helping you to remain at home. So if the stairs are becoming a problem- why not consider one of our pocket friendly, yet problem solving straight stairlifts?

  • Ideal economic solution to stairs
  • Cutting edge design and comfort
  • Padded seat and easy to use controls
  • Quality controlled
  • Swivel seating for ease of transfer